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We present to you the BIGGEST musical work by Electric Lady IN CZ CALLED TRILOGY 2020 - film-processed music videos set in a breathtaking story. The script for the compositions was created in 2018 and now seems to be a fulfilled prophecy. Trilogy is undoubtedly the BIGGEST Czech musical work, in which the English composer Nigel Lowis also co-produced with Tereza Rays. the project was created from 2018 to 2021 in cooperation with the nemoros agency.

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Tereza Rays is a Czech singer, guitarist and above all a composer and producer born in 1987 in Kladno, but has lived in Pilsen since 2008. Theresa  she is reaping success not only at home but also around the world, for example with the record "WICKED" 2019 she won first place in Los Angeles for the best pop - rock record. She recorded her first debut album of rock 2014 at the invitation of producer Kirk Covington in the USA, and is the only domestic company player of the world brand of guitars "FENDER" in our country. He represents the Czech Republic at international music events such as Blues Alive in Poland or Waves Vienna in Vienna, at private corporations of the Russian Music Box music channel in Russia or as a front band of celebrities not only in our country. More and more about Tereza is also heard in the media in connection with the music project Trilogy. More in presskit and on links.


Projekt TRILOGY 2020 je prezentován třemi videoklipy, které díky svému mimořádnému zpracování vzbudily velký zájem zejména  v zahraničí. Příběh, odehrávající se v klipech jasně naznačuje, o čem bude celý hudební projekt.


Three clips - three stories tell of a past apocalypse in which society found itself after World War III, leaving only a devastated world. Throughout the Trilogy, Tereza from the real world communicates with Electric Lady from the world from the future. The first part of Rebel warns  before the ecological catastrophe in which society can find itself if it does not change its behavior towards nature and animals. Can we live together? "CAN WE LIVE HERE TOGETHER?"


That's dirty politica - That dirty politics - all for money. This is the main theme of the composition, in which the well-known Czech rock singer Pepa Vojtek performs. With the song Tereza points out a world where money rules and human instinct is driven into a corner. Human freedom is already a phrase in this world and everything can be bought with money. Both people and power. Today's theme Politica as part two in Trilogy 2020

Influenza - flu. You will say that inspiration comes from real days. But appearances are deceptive! The screenplay for the work was written as early as 2018 and the composition deals with the corruption of behavior and  bad interpersonal relationships. The composition of influenza speaks of the disease of society. If our world does not heal by winning and respecting victory, we will perish as beings ...




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